Apostille Services in Delhi

We at Mea India, Provide you with the best Apostille Services in Delhi. It refers to an official seal that the government, the ministry, or any other authority has legalized a document by attaching its signature or an authentication certificate. The document is certified as genuine.

Our organization offers all kinds of legalization processes and also seal processes. Apostille can be defined as a system of international certification wherein the original documents are sent to the local authorities of foreign countries. With the help of the diplomatic missions present in different countries worldwide, it’s easy to send your files to India and get them verified by the local authorities.

Why is Certificate Apostille Required?

Apostille Services in Delhi means it declare your all document is genuine for a legal process. In India, it is mandatory to have an officially certified document for any official purpose like getting admission to Indian universities, applying for government jobs, or getting issued a passport. A document is consider legally valid only if it has an apostille. 

Personal Document

Educational Document

Commercial Document

Why might you need an Apostille Delhi?

You might need an apostille if you plan to travel or work abroad. An apostille is a certificate that confirms that a document is genuine. If you’re using your documents in another country, you’ll need to make sure they’re apostilled. Documents that often need to be apostilled include Birth Certificate Apostille In Delhi, marriage certificates, and death certificates.

How To Get Apostille Services in Delhi

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When you need the apostilled document in India, you must use some online services. One option is to go to a government office and request an apostille, certifying that the document has been notarize. Some private notaries will provide Apostille Services in Delhi. Another option is to go to a notary public and have them certify the document. In the end, you will get Apostille Services in Delhi online. Putting the MEA stamp on the document approves the paper to get the visa.

How does apostille work?

An apostille is a certification of a public document for international use, and the Apostille Certificate is  the authenticity of the document and its contents.

An authorized official must first authenticate the document. This includes documents issued by the government, courts, and educational institutions in India. The designated authority will stamp or place their seal on the document.


Once the document is authenticated, it can then be presented to the Apostille agency in Delhi, the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Apostille Section will place their official seal or stamp on the document, which will certify the document for use in any of the countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

Marriage certificate apostille in Delhi is quick and easy to obtain, and it can be a valuable asset when seeking to use public documents in another country.

The benefits of using an Apostille Delhi

Travels can be stressful enough without worrying about getting all your documents in order. If you’re planning a trip and need to get an apostille for your documents, a Delhi-based apostille service can simplify the process. You will get Apostille Services Online at Mea India.

You must first have your document notarized by a qualified notary public to get an apostille. Once your document has been notarized, you can take it to a Delhi-based apostille service to have the certificate attached.

Document Apostille Delhi can save you time, and it takes care of your document. They can also guide you on what type of documents you need to get an apostille. Most importantly, using a reputable apostille service can give you peace of mind knowing that your documents are in order and will be accepted when you travel.

Duration Of Getting Certificate Apostille In Delhi

It normally relies on document validation for how much the legalization procedure extended might require. Still, if you communicate to the legalization company in Delhi to get done with the procedure for you, then the process might go for quite a little time, like 8 to 20 working days.

 The time length of the definite action would also be impacted by the duration when the HRD is included. Altering from nation to nation and university to university will extend a few weeks to more than a month.

Classifications of Certificate Apostille

Apostille services in Delhi provide a quick and easy way to get your legal documents certified in India. If you need a document not currently available in India, an apostille can help expedite the process.