5 Tips To Select The Genuine Certificate Attestation Service Provider

The present age is the age of information & technology due to that, many highly skilled people from India relocate to the foreign countries, mainly for work and study. Especially the countries from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain are a big draw for the immigrants from India. The reason behind that, these countries has a large number of jobs in almost all kinds of industries such as construction, healthcare, technology, tourism, retail etc. the major source of immigrants come from the central and southern part of India. In order to possess the visa like study, business and employment, One needs to attest his Personal, Educational and Commercial certificates from various authorities such as, MEA, Home Department, Embassy etc.

What is the meaning of certificate attestation?

Certificate attestation is the process by which your personal, educational, and commercial papers are authenticated by the issuing government authorities to legally use it in abroad. The authorities collect your required documents, validate the provided information and then sign and seal them. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the highest body which has been appointed by the Govt. of India to undertake this attestation and apostille procedure.

What is the need for attestation service provider?

There are many benefits which you get by using the services of a renowned attestation service provider. For acquiring of your personal certificates you need the notary and Home Department substantiation. For example, if you are going to UAE for work, then you must get your personal documents attested like a birth certificate from Home Department. If you are moving with your family then you must attest your marriage certificate as per the directives present in marriage certificate attestation for UAE procedure. Regarding educational certificates, you require attestation from HRD Ministry as per the requirements of the UAE. Obtaining all these apostille and attestation stamps on documents is a tough task that needs unusual efforts, by oneself, since Government process take plenty of time and lot of visits.

So, it is suggested to take the services of a renowned attestation service provider in India which will deliver all these services to you within the lowest fees and the minimum time.

If you are confused and anxious to know how to select the reputed attestation service provider, the below 5 tips will definitely assist you.

1. The firm must have an excellent track record, it’s a digital world you can easily check the reviews and read the reviews from the beginning and let’s say if the company is as old as 10 years, then read the reviews at least two years old.

2. The agency must deliver fairly priced services. Research the market and find out the rates of the services from different firms. You should take efforts to get the best services within the reasonable rates.

3. The company should be equipped with real time tracking facilities for your papers and capable to provide you the progress of your attestation and give you regular updates about the position of your papers over the phone or online.The company must give you a tracking no. for your consignment, once you submit the papers.

4. The company must have available and knowledgeable customer care support which is accessible by phone and mail. The customer care service should be available 24*7 which should attend to all your inquiries about attestation etc.

5. Data confidentiality and safety should be a cornerstone of the organization’s policy, one should ensure the organization to whom you are entrusting your task, must be able to keep your documents confidential and safe. This is done so as to keep your data safe and from being misused by miscreants and your sensitive info is protected.

Go to only those firms which are exclusively into attestation and apostille services in order to get the most reliable service. These firms have a specialised department for attestation and apostille of documents which are processed by highly trained and equipped staff to handle all these procedures.

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